Thai Infusion Massage

with Betty Carmella Young

Are you stressed? Do you have muscle stiffness, neck or back pain, chronic headaches fatigue or insomnia?

Thai Infusion Massage may be just the answer  you've been looking for!

This highly effective hybrid-style massage combines the techniques and benefits of Thai Massage, Acupressure, Shiatsu, Sports Massage and Forearm Fusion, into a unique massage experience that will:

  • Dramatically increase your range of motion
  • Ease pain, stiffness, fatigue and insomnia
  • Release deep fascial restrictions and much more

"Are you ready to make self - care as much a priority as caring for your family?"

If so, here is a great way to start! By investing in a massage package, you not only save money, your monthly self-care is pre-scheduled and assured. Stop putting your self on the back burner! When you feel good everyone around you benefits.

Fee: $90 for 1 massage

Premium package #1

3 Thai Infusion Massages, 1 a month for 3 months. Investment: $255, a $15 savings *Priority scheduling

Premium Package #2

6 Thai Infusion Massages, 2 a month for 3 months. Investment: $465, a $45 savings *Priority scheduling

To schedule an appointment call Betty at 267-606-7670 or email her at


About Betty;

Betty has been practicing massage professionally for 5 years and has been devoted to health, wellness and massage since her youth. She created Thai Infusion while working with a chiropractor. Met with the challenge of relieving pain in short periods of time, she explored blending a variety of modalities to achieve the most powerful results. Betty's extraordinary passion for her work was instilled by the example and guidance of a gifted healer, her grandmother. She has been trained in many massage styles include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Thai, Lomi Lomi, Prenatal and many more. She is now immersed in further developing Thai Infusion. Of her work she says: "I am deeply grateful to be able to serve by doing what I love."