Messages from Angels, Teachers and Guides

Messages from Your Angels, Teachers & Guides with Margaret Claire Jacobs

~ Workshop – TBA, from 10:00am to 12

    • Description:

      “Angel & Spiritual Guide Messages are guideposts that can redirect one’s personal focus along the spiritual path.”

      Sacred Centers EastReceive your own personal message through master Channel and Toner. Each of us has a set of personal guides for our Life Journey. Through Vibrational Toning Margaret Claire uses each person’s own sound to align their frequency with the frequency of their spiritual guides – opening a direct pathway to them, while remaining grounded & centered in their own spiritual core. Everyone has been given a spiritual birthright that requires continual development. As earthbound beings we have been separated from fully experiencing our connection to our spiritual roots. However the earth is in transition, as part of this transition these connections are once again being engaged and our spiritual gifts are awakening. Angel Messages are guideposts (spiritual markers) that can be used to redirect our personal focus along the spiritual path, opening to the experience of profound love and peace. Vibrational Toning uses each person’s own sound to raise their energy frequency towards the higher realms. This vibration becomes the channel through which guidance is accessed. These divine messages, support the individual in grounding and centering in their spiritual core where the experience of peace, love and harmony in their daily life is easily accessible.

    • Date: TBA, from 10:00am to 12
    • Fee: $45
    • To Register: Call 610-933-3435 or email