The Art of Rejuvenation, Serenity & Happiness

The Art of Rejuvenation, Serenity & Happiness with Maria J Garcia & Michelle Dirks

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  • Description:

    Grounded in the present, informed by ancient wisdom – Join us for a practical and visionary series of workshops.

Walking The Sacred Labyrinth of The Heart Workshop with Jonathan Cohen & Maria J. Garcia

  • Triskele LabyrinthImagine the heart as the surface of a clear body of water. On the shore tall trees grow, on the water a perfect mirror image is reflected. In similar fashion, the unique characteristics of the upper chakras (oriented toward spirit) are reflected in the lower chakras (oriented towards the physical realm) – revealing a relationship of complimentary opposites that come together in sacred union within the heart. This dynamic relationship is the underlying principle of life.

    For thousands of years we’ve lived in a paradigm that separated these two realms, creating an unnatural and painful state of being – a fundamental imbalance within us and between us. This distortion of life left us fearful, isolated and bereft of purpose.

    In the heart dwells the unifying principle that integrates our humanity and divinity in perfect balance. Here our true nature is restored. We experience our feminine and masculine aspects, our light and our shadow, our personal and universal selves as the two complementary halves of our wholeness. Now the heart becomes the new ground of our being, we experience love as unconditional and all powerful and our lives express our wisdom, creativity and joy.

~ Second Workshop of This Series – Awakening The Love of Divine Will Within Us

  • Description:

    To awaken our true nature as divine beings we need to come to terms with will, energy and power, all aspects of the 3rd chakra.

    The function of the 3rd chakra is Transformation. It transforms matter and movement into energy and energy and consciousness into power. This power is essential to the health of our body, mind and spirit. Yet power disconnected from its divine source is at best limited. It can even be dangerous, as evident in the wide-spread devastation caused by its misuse in our world.

    To awaken our divine power requires that we reactivate the connection between our solar plexus (3rd) chakra and our throat (5th) chakra, the channel through which the love of divine will flows.

    In the second phase of this journey, with the aid of the Labyrinth, we consciously engage the energy of the heart to dissolve the illusion of separation and reactivate their connection. We restore their complementary nature, their balance and vitality. In moving from the love of power to the power of love, we experience once again the beauty and grace of divine power in all we do.

  • Bring: lunch, a water bottle (can be refilled with our filtered well water), notebook or diary, pen, special seat if you need it, pillow and blanket if you like, an article of clothing or piece of jewelry you consider “special” to wear during ceremony.
  • Dress: comfortably and in layers so you can be comfortable in different activities and outdoors.
  • Date: TBA
  • Location: 41 St. Andrews Lane, Glenmore, PA 19343
  • Fee: $215 (includes dinner)
  • To Register: Call 610-933-3435, email or register using PayPal/Credit Card below.