Yin Inspired Yoga

with Betty Carmella Young

All Levels welcome

A little Yinspiration to connect your body, soul and spirit. This soulful, nurturing practice is a fusion of Yin, restorative and gentle yoga,

Yin yoga is a slowed-paced style with long held poses to help calm and balance the body-mind. Restorative yoga uses props and bolsters inviting you to deepen and soften completely into poses. Gentle yoga incorporates slow compassionate movements improving range of motion and flexibility, The combination of the three provides a deeply opening and restorative experience.

When: Thursday 10:00 am to 11 :15

Class Fee:

    • 6 classes $90
    • 12 classes $168
    • Monthly unlimited $175

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About Betty

Betty has been practicing yoga for 26 years. She is certified through Yogafit and has done a year long Astanga apprenticeship. She taught kid's yoga for ten years and adults for the last five years.

Her style is a fusion of modalities inspired by dance, movement and different yoga disciplines, creating a unique and deeply beneficial experience.

The discipline of yoga played a key role in helping her overcome depression, addiction and eating disorders. Her love of the practice and of teaching as well as her warmth and humor is felt by every student.