7 Steps To Fulfilling Your Dreams

IMAGE SPRING BUDSDreams are seeds. Just like a seed contains the genetic material the plant needs for all its stages of growth, our dreams hold the complete blueprint for their fulfillment.

In our last post Michele talked about spring and what the body needs to transition into this season. Today I'd like to talk about what our deepest nature calls for in spring - to bring forth our dreams.

At no time is the "ground" of our being more fertile, more filled with the life force required to birth our dreams - whether the dream is to become healthy, find a job you love, or change your life. Nature does not discriminate. It doesn't say yes to the tomato seed and no to the beet. It generously provides for the needs of both. In the same way our own nature provides the inner resources to bring forth all our seeds, unless of course... we forget or neglect to plant them.

Now here is the hitch. Not many of us have been taught to value our dreams, to see in them cialis for sale the potential we are meant to realize. Often our dreams have been perceived as fantasies, not the seeds of our future reality and most of us hold this perception to some degree. When this perception becomes a belief, even if it's subconscious, it usurps the place of our dream. It becomes the seed we plant and the reality we manifest. If I don't believe I will ever find an amazing job, life partner, home - I won't,

To turn around the things in our life that aren't working, we need to take a serious look at our beliefs and remember our dreams. So how do we do this??? This is the much-needed conversation I'd like to have with you.

Since this format is not adequate to the task, I invite you to join me for a complimentary evening of conversation on Thursday, March 17, from 7-8 pm or Saturday morning, March 19, from 9:30 -10:30 am. The topic is "7 Steps To Fulfilling Your Dreams: A Personal Map Of Manifestation".

At that time we'll look at the process of manifestation step-by-step. We'll come to understand how we are "wired" to manifest, fully equipped to create the life we want, where  we "go wrong" in the process and how we can get back on track.

There is nothing more energizing and rewarding than the process of creation. This process is your birthright. I look forward to supporting you in taking the first step!

Happy Spring !