Awaken Your Inner Magdalene – A Diamond Light Activation For Women


Saturday, October 13 from 9 am to 6 pm

The True Magdalene Is an Ambassador Of The divine Feminine. She Calls All Women To Unite In Sisterhood, To Be Our Authentic Selves, To Love Fiercely & To Serve Fearlessly.


In A Sacred Circle Of Women, The Magdalene Will Ignite The Power Of Love In Your Heart:

*Liberating You From Your Fear-Based Patterns To Live Joyfully & Passionately.

*Opening You To Be Nourished & Empowered Through Sisterhood.

*Sparking the Remembrance Of Your Authentic Self & Life Mission.


 To Register:

With Questions Call: Shari at 610-853-1726 or Maria at 610-933-3435

Fee: Early-Bird Special $285 by August 31 - $325 After August 31. Pre-Registration Required

Location: Sacred Journeys, 41 St. Andrews Lane, Glenmoore PA 19343

What Participants Say About This Workshop

“I was struck by the caring attention to detail from the moment I left my car. I highly recommend this workshop to any woman who has the desire to experience the bond of sisterhood and community as well as a deeper connection and feeling of harmony with their own inner-selves. Plus the land with its labyrinth, water sanctuary, and the temple, are a joy and a blessed gift to behold! Thank you Shari and Maria!”

~ ~ ~

“After doing this workshop I feel magical, charged up and magnetic to everything I want to be. I don’t think it was any coincidence that my computer facial recognition no longer recognizes me. Shari and Maria’s work is potent and their offerings are a true gift to our world.”

~ ~ ~

“With laughter, grace, and an example of true sisterhood, Shari and Maria liberated us from the wounds and messages we carry within our deepest parts and then awakened us to the dazzling remembrance of our own power and divinity. Through Ceremony, they ignited sacred spaces within us to connect with the medicine of Mary Magdalene, so it can flow through this time on earth with grace. We connected to our warrior energy, remembering who we are, that we are empowered, that we are enough, and that we are not alone.”

Who Is The Magdalene?

 Mary Magdalene lived in a time that was steeped in patriarchal rule. In this time women had no voice. As a result, after the death of Jesus her legacy was maligned, the truth of her time among us and the power of her mission hidden. At this time in our human evolution, we are moving out of that patriarchal paradigm of power as “control” and into a paradigm of “unity”. In “unity” power is an expression of the heart, not the ego – a respectful and loving collaboration that brings us together in our diversity and creativity to birth a new era of peace. To assist us with this extraordinary shift, she returns to us and reveals the hidden truths.

As we revisit the time of the Magdalene, we see her as an Ascended Master who embodied the divine feminine. Working with Jesus, Mother Mary and other embodied masters she seeded the consciousness of Unity and Love on Earth at a very dark time in our history. This was a long-range divine plan, and those seeds were intended to be activated and fully expressed at the right and perfect time. That time is now…and so the Magdalene has reemerged, awakening many hearts to this truth. She’s assisting those of us who are in resonance with her message to “remember” our divine essence and come fully into the power of love as the new “reality”. This requires that we move fully into our heart centers and rediscover the essence of who we are as women. This workshop is designed to facilitate this process and has emerged from this new reality.

The Magdalene will utilize the Diamond Light to:

  • Cut away the bonds that tether us to the distorted patterns that keep us from living the light and truth of who we are.
  • Activate the dormant seeds (personal Diamond Grid) of the new reality encoded in each of our Diamond Hearts.
  • Reactivate the Diamond Grid of “Sacred Sisterhood” as an essential part of our feminine nature and a source of loving support.

What is the Diamond Light?

Excerpts from an article by Kate Spreckley:

“Your diamond light grid links you to expanded levels of consciousness and is a tool that will assist you in maintaining balance through the challenges you are faced with. When perfectly aligned and anchored it connects you with your pure, Divine essence, thus allowing you to attain and contain unconditional love, compassion and unity consciousness.

…The diamond is a multi-prism, a reflection of all light and as such allows you access, with clarity, to the pureness and fullness of the light that you are. The diamond light grid is a specific geometric shape that both surrounds and penetrates your physical body. It carries higher frequencies of light, which once aligned to its original structure, allows for a greater degree of resonance with your Soul purpose and original blueprints for life.

…Over the past few years, consciously or unconsciously, you have been building and significantly increasing the energy of your diamond light grid. You are now at a very important juncture where you are fully grounding this grid within the Earth…This process will activate your divinity within the cells of your body, releasing any remaining fear and limitation. Your ability to receive many frequencies of light and information will increase and your diamond light grid will harmonize fully with your heart to bring calm, peace and joy into your life.

…Your entire being is being restructured to enable a clear flow of light and love between yourself and the Divine to support the manifestation of the path of your heart…

…This is a time of great celebration as your life begins a new cycle where you are invited into union with your Divine self and the glowing warmth of your own heart. All suffering you have carried on your human journey can now be healed as you become more conscious of your destiny. It is time now to move beyond your wounds and accept this opportunity to transform into a new body of light. Your heart has been granted the birth of a new consciousness, which carries the seeds of emerging wholeness, encouraging you to rest peacefully in the knowing that your shattered soul is healing.”

Excerpt from an article By Soluntra King

“The Diamond with its multi-prismed, multi-faceted, sacred geometry expresses the life force of the Universe from the Source within, the Diamond Lights of your Soul and Source. The Diamond allows us to experience our multi-dimensional self while still in a physical body and assists us to activate the cellular memory and DNA as we open up to our expanded awareness and purpose, our vision and clarity, inner strength and union, our radiance, we are a Diamond.”