Creating Sexual Magic Workshop

The Sexual Awakening you are ready for with Debra Hess!

You do not have to be in partnership. This is about You with You!

The Sacred loves where you are now sexually, and holds the vision of where you can go. This is the team work of your Sexual Shadow and your Sexual Light, both working on your Evolutionary behalf.

We are gathering for Sex Positive Discussions designed to awaken your consciousness around your sexuality by understanding the role your shadow has played!

We all have carefully set inner arrangement of how we view our sexual selves and ur sexual world.

But what if we were presented with the opportunity to find a way into ourselves that is deeper and more authentic. Isn't that what Shadow provides? Then aren't you a little curious about the Light of Your Sex?

If we are able to withstand the first unsettling wake of energy. We may see what has shifted within and whether it casts a new light or opportunity for our evolving  Sexual Magic!

We will create a circle of women, who will hold sacred space for an inner journey where you are able to be In Control and available to your own deep feeling Sacred Sexual Body!

Format: Meets three times, full weekend course
Dates: TBA
Fee: TBA
Register: call 610-933-3435 or email