Flowing With Greif Workshop

The Peace Formula Flowing With Greif with Debra Hess!

This is a consciously designed solution capable of bringing you;

  • Peace again ... Greif ignites these conscious solutions for you
  • Empowerment ... You will know that you are here on this earth for one reason above all, to
  • Awaken and Create Who You Are ... Each breakthrough experience within you builds true and everlasting
  • Confidence ... that darkness your afraid of is the contrast you need for your
  • Enlightenment

Peace is the formula ... and Peace is the feeling that assures you that you have arrived on the other side of grief. The dark and turbulent ride down into its waters will allow you to know the "Source from which you drink!"

Body Yoga: Provides a conscious connection to our powerful tool of the physical energy of grief.

Meditation: Provides the skills and discipline you need to experience your self with consciousness grieving.

Spiritual Development: Get ready to have insightful conversations with the guidance and wisdom that your Higher Self is ready to re-awaken and create Who you are.

There are 3 sessions:

  1. The body holds the story of grieving
  2. Awakening the mind within the process of grief
  3. Conscious living awareness (the gift of the program)

This is the doorway to the depths of your being. You are standing on the threshold of a fantastic inner journey.

Format: 3 sessions for one and half hours.

Dates: TBA

Fees: TBA

Register: Call 610-933-3435 or email office@sacredcenterseast.com