Healthy Backs

with Mimi Liberi                                                                                                   

All are welcome to this gentle class specially designed for those with back pain or back injury. We'll move through sequences of stretches and strengthening poses specially designed to open and restore the health of your back; as well as working with the entire body to remedy imbalances and bring harmony to your movement.

When: Tuesday, 10:00 to 11:15 am

Class Fees:

        • 6 classes $90
        • 12 classes $168
        •  1 class $15

      Yoga Classes


      About Mimi

      Mimi has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and hopes to assist her students in gaining the benefits of this ancient practice. She strives to enhance their confidence as they realize their potential, and to embrace the freedom they access as they accept that each individual's journey in yoga is different.

      She feels that yoga has strengthened her not only physically, but mentally and spirituality as well. The lessons imparted in yoga class and in yoga traditions teach us ways to handle life stresses. Mimi decided to teach and bring the joy of her personal yoga experience to others.