Native Yoga Workshop

Native Yoga, a sisterhood of support with Debra Hess.

Healing Goals

Native Yoga is a combination of entering our sacred bodies with ease and acceptance, and holding witness to the language of the soul. This powerful Conscious journey into the language of Nature reveals our mystery and connection. The very nature of presence is to calm the mind, and create a new set point of intentional attraction. This point of attraction builds an undeniable confidence in ourselves and the gift we are from and to creation!

Content and Teachings

Debra will lead you through a 4 session Series introducing Shamanic teachings and practices that have held traditions in integrity with themselves and the land, animals and the cr3eation we inhabit.

We will use yoga, vibrational experiences, drumming, shamanic journey's, spirit Osho Cards, Native Spirit Cards, Sisterhood, Soul Collage visions, dreams, poetry and Emotional Support lessons. You will be taught how to use Focus Wheels to access your souls voice of guidance and a clear look at your own habit of resistance! You can and will have the opportunity to Change / Shift and transform your life

Format: 4 session series, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Dates: Tuesday November 7 and 14 and 21 and 28

Fee : $179.00 by 10/24/17 after $197.00

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