Health & Healing Through Food

With Michelle Donnellan Dirks

Private Consultations

By Appointment

"A powerful, personalized prescription for true health!"

These dietary consultations are as unique as you are and the benefits are life changing.

You may want to boost your vitality, strengthen you immune system or sharpen your memory. Perhaps the onset of disease is making you reevaluate your lifestyle. Whatever your reasons a private consultation will provide you with the tools you need to turn your life around.

Your consultation will include:

• A complete health evaluation
• Recommendations
• Dietary menus for your health condition
• Ingredients list
• Shopping list
• Phone follow-up

Crucial Life Saving Information:
“It all comes down to three things: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. If you want to be healthy and have strength and vitality, change your diet!”

Fee: Individual $175,  Family $350

Contact: Michelle Donnellan at 610-314-3074

Michell Dirks

Michelle Donnellan Dirks

Michelle provides all our Wisdom of Food offerings. She is one of the top food specialists in the country. For more information on Michelle click here.