Professional Training

Sacred Centers East offers 3 of Sacred Centers' Level I requirements for certification as a Sacred Centers teacher, coach or healer. These courses are accredited by Sacred Centers, and can also serve as Continuing Education credits.

How the Certification Program Works

The Sacred Centers Certification Program (SCCP) exists to train individuals in a thorough understanding and application of the Chakra model for healing and personal development. We have found that this profound formula for wholeness provides a powerful context for transformation of all kinds: in mind, body, spirit, and culture. In all our teachings, we seek to contact, embody, and expand the experience of sacred realms, both within and without.

Sacred Centers offers both a Co-Heart and Professional Certification. Students in the Co-Heart Program complete coursework from Curriculum 101 through 104. Those in the Professional Program complete the Co-Heart Prerequisites and then choose their specialization from three different tracks:

Sacred Centers Teacher
Sacred Centers Healer
Sacred Centers Coach

While these programs are usually offered as week-long workshops. We have created flexible formats to make the curriculum available to those unable to attend week-long offerings. Our workshops extend over a 7 month period. These formats are designed to provide time for you to integrate your experiences into your day to day life while receiving personalized support.

Format 1 - Meets one Saturday a month. It includes a private half hour coaching session per month and a home practice. Evening sessions may be done as an interactive teleconference using the state-of-the-art tel-conferencing technology.

Format 2 - Meets one weekend a month. It includes a private half hour coaching session per month and a home practice.

Workshops and Workshop Series

Seven Wonders of the Soul: An Introduction to the Chakras (Weekend)
Chakra Awakening : Psychology of the Chakras (Series)
From Dream to Reality: Manifestation through the Chakras (Series)

Seven Wonders of the Soul: An Introduction to the Chakras (Weekend)
This introductory experience gives the participant a basic understanding of the Chakra System as the place where all aspects of our being come together in the experience of "Self". Beginning with the 1st Chakra and using yoga, bio-energetics and partner work, we move up the energy system exploring each center as a specific realm of life experience. Along the way we assess the health of each Chakra and learn tools to reestablish balance and flow.

Chakra Realms

Earth, grounding, home, family, work, finances, health, manifestation, our right to be here.

Water, emotions, flow, change, sexuality, pleasure, feelings, passion, our right to feel.

Fire, digestion, energy, power, ego, will, action, our right to act.

Air, breath, relationship, balance, love, connection, our right to love and be loved.

Sound, communication, self-expression, creativity, our right to speak our truth & be heard.

Light, vision, insight, dreams, intuition, memory, our right to see and be seen.

Thought, awareness, beliefs, understanding, spiritual connection, wisdom, freedom, our right to know.

Chakra Awakening: Psychology of the Chakras
The purpose of this workshop is to act as a catalyst, road map and support system for a journey to wholeness. Each month we engage in a personal exploration one of the 7 major Chakras that comprise the energy system, moving from 1st through 7th.

We learn the function of each center, assess its health and vitality and clear blocks that inhibit energy flow, helping to reestablish balance. As we restore each center, we experience its impact on corresponding aspects of our lives and on the Chakra system as a whole, accessing its power and potential.

The process will at times be fun, thought provoking, intimate, joyful, challenging and inspiring. Using a blend of ancient wisdom and state-of-the-art transformational technologies, we explore our own life journey in this new and powerful context.

"Maria’s Chakra Workshop Series has been one of the most personally rewarding experiences I have ever undertaken. It has given me insight into my belief system, my actions, my reactions and how I generally operate in the world. Understanding what is at the root of my non-productive behavior has enabled me to make better, clearer decisions. There is nothing to lose, except what you might not need anyway, and everything to gain by joining Maria in these workshops.”

From Dream to Reality / Manifestation Through the Chakras
The ability to create is an inherent human quality – a natural law functioning within us that does not require our conscious participation. Our ability to “create our lives” is greatly enhanced by our understanding and conscious use of this law.

This workshop series guides you in an experiential understanding of this law and of yourself as a “creative being”. Whether you are at a crossroads in your life, struggling with finances or relationships, unclear about your “life’s work”, or just feel ready to take the next step and don't know how; this workshop strives to open a door within you, giving you access to a new world of possibilities, clarity and fulfillment.

We will follow the downward current from the 7th Chakra through the 1st, experiencing the seven stages of manifestation embodied in the Chakra System. In the process you'll:

  • Identify your vision, purpose, idea, longing.
  • Identify, and “discreate” beliefs that keep you locked in unproductive patterns of behavior and disconnected from your truth.
  • Express your own unique voice as you design a blueprint for manifestation.
  • Access the power and passion to fuel your vision.
  • Learn to maneuver obstacles successfully while remaining focused and true to your course.