7 Steps To Fulfilling Your Dreams

7 Steps To Fulfilling Your Dreams:

A Personal Map Of Manifestation

with Maria J. Garcia

~ Free Lecture, TBA

~Workshop Series 

From Dream to Reality Workshop at Sacred Centers EastDo you wake up and look  forward to your day? Are you at a crossroads? Do you want to take the next step and don't know how? Are you struggling with finances, relationships, health? Are you frustrated that your efforts don't seem to pay off?

If the answer to any of these questions is "yes", play a game with me for a moment. It's worth it.

I'd like you to imagine a "Master Creator", and have the ability to manifest your thoughts and desires at will. Imagine that your body, mind and spirit are programmed to create and this program does not have an on/off button. It's set on auto-pilot.

Now Imagine that this program is activated by your thoughts and beliefs and kept running by the energy of your feelings. Unaware of this amazing power, it remains on auto-pilot - primarily activated by subconscious thoughts and beliefs and fueled by fear.

Now imagine finding out that you have this power, that it follows a clear 7 step program, and you can consciously use it to manifest the life you want. Would this interest you?

In truth, we are all born "master creators". The ability to create is an inherent human quality - a natural law that doesn't require our conscious participation. Yet, our conscious use of this law enables us to create a fulfilling and successful life.

If we compare our physical body to a computer, the 7 centers of our energy/chakra system are unique and interrelated programs. Together they comprise a brilliant "master program".

If the possibility of consciously creating your life excites you, seize this opportunity!

7 Steps To Fulfilling Your Dreams is a 7 month workshop series that teaches you the inner workings of your "creator program", helping you identify and correct glitches that revert you to auto-pilot/habitual thoughts and behaviors, and putting you firmly in the driver seat.

Ride the Current of Manifestation from the 7th chakra through the 1st, and experience the seven stages of creation as you:

7. Discover your vision, goals, longings, and choose your intention for the workshop.

6. Identify and "discreate" beliefs that keep you locked in unproductive patterns of behavior  and disconnected from your truth.

5. Express your own unique voice as you design a blueprint for manifestation.

4. Engage the magnetic power of the heart to draw all the resources you need.

3. Dissolve the blocks that keep you stuck and learn to maneuver obstacles successfully, while remaining focused and true to your course.

2. Access the power and passion to fuel your vision.

1. Experience the joy and fulfillment of completion as your intention becomes a physical reality.

This workshop series meets one full day a month and includes a private monthly coaching session. It's designed to give you the time to integrate and practice what you are learning, and the support to keep moving through to completion.

Contact Maria at 610-933-3435 or office@sacredcenterseast.com.

"The 7 Steps To Fulfilling Your Dreams Series opened my eyes. It made me aware that I am a powerful being and a creator. It brought clarity about how my current beliefs cloud my actions and what I can do to change that. I learned that my body is a great source of wisdom"

"The other participants were amazing. Maria created a safe place for us to share our views, fears, experiences and dreams. We cried, laughed, danced and we grew. Thank you Maria!"

*This series meets the requirements for Anodea Judith's Professional Chakra Teacher Certification Program.

  • Format: Meets one Saturday a month for 7 months from 9:30 to 5. It includes a ½ hour transformational coaching session monthly and a home practice.
  • Dates:  TBA
  • Fee:  Full payment $1316 or monthly payment $188. or $188 monthly. *Scholarships available
  • Dress: Comfortable non-binding clothing, layers are good to stay comfortable throughout different types of activities.
  • Special Circumstances: If you feel called to take this workshop series and have a conflict, concern or would like more information, please contact Maria at 610-933-3435 or email office@sacredcenterseast.com.

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7 Steps To Fulfilling Your Dreams