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Sacred Centers East Yoga and Meditation Chester Springs PA

"Maria’s teaching style personifies patience, precision and presence." ~ CMH

"Maria is one of those rare teachers who is so kindhearted one is happy to be in her presence. Her yoga is beautiful and her manner is so warm and gracious it helps the student to do well." ~ LC

"Excellent - her instructions are very clear, specific and knowledgeable." ~ PR

"Before coming to Maria I studied yoga with various instructors for about six years. I have read the Bhagavad-Gita, the Yoga Sutras and other yogic texts, I’ve stood on my shoulders and, amazingly, under Maria’s direction and performing seemingly easier tasks, I have gone further and reached a level beyond anything I had previously attained or even imagined could be attained by a regular person." ~ LEC

"I always feel happy, safe and cared for in her class." ~ HS

"Maria’s personal attention and detailed instructions make my yoga richer, deeper more satisfying and personally empowering. I am so grateful to have found her." ~ KT

Transformational Coaching

Sacred Centers East Yoga and Meditation Chester Springs PA

“Maria, I want to thank you again for being on my path. Our meetings have had a profound effect on me. What you gave me is so powerful; I am still absorbing it, slowly realizing and taking in its full meaning and extent day- by- day. I have absolutely no words to express how this changes everything. Thank you for being an angel on my path.” ~ Homemaker, Designer

"The clarity which Maria brought to my project was invaluable. She helped me to identify my goals and determine the steps needed to bring my vision into reality. Without her expertise, commitment and unique talent, I feel that my new company would still be only a dream” ~ Teacher, Entrepreneur

"Maria has worked with skillful efficiency, sensitivity, and focused intent to understand me and the heart of my work. As a result, she has helped to create a very practical and visionary strategy of success that responds to my needs as a professional and a humanist…Be ready to roll up your sleeves!" ~ Body/ Mind Therapist

"Like a lot of entrepreneurs I tended to run with an idea and shoot from the hip when planning or managing my resources. Maria showed me how to evaluate the avalanche of ideas, discern which were truly powerful, and then let my enthusiasm go with them - but not before we grounded then in some solid planning!" ~ Business Owner

Chakra Awakening: A Guide to the Psychology of the Chakras

Sacred Centers East Yoga and Meditation Chester Springs PA

“Maria’s dedication and commitment is unbelievable. The personal and emotional growth I experienced has brought me to a higher-level of satisfaction and contentment. Maria’s knowledge and expertise is unsurpassable. I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to be part of her Chakra orkshops.” ~ JL

“This was one of the most personally enriching and empowering experiences of my life. I participated as myself, just my self, not someone’s mother, daughter, sister, or coworker. The most rewarding aspect was my new ability to look at my life, my self with objectivity and learn, learn, learn. I feel stronger, more grounded and more self-confident. I am excited about my life, my future.” ~ KT

“These workshops helped me find my strengths and weaknesses and bring them into better balance. Now through greater understanding of myself, I can cope with that life throws at me and enjoy/ appreciate life more.” ~ CS

“During this joyful journey, Maria’s wisdom, love and intuitive guidance empowered us to reconnect with our true selves in a safe, supportive and healing environment, and lead me to the deep transformation which I experienced.” ~ PF

“This study of the Chakras opened my eyes to the energy and power within each of us. I am grateful for the support and sharing I experienced.” ~ SM

“Maria’s workshop gave me a deeper understanding of myself. I became aware that I had the power to heal myself, and tap my creative forces. A profoundly wonderful experience.” ~ RR

From Dream to Reality: Manifestation Through the Chakras

Sacred Centers East Yoga and Meditation Chester Springs PA

"I have two passions in life-yoga and healthy foods. Just seven months ago, I was the overworked General Manager of a high volume convenience store, feeling the pull to make my living in a more socially conscious way. Today, I am no longer a GM, but a certified Kripalu yoga teacher, happy to be sharing my passion with others. I am also involved in negotiations that will allow me to bring healthy foods into the yoga studio environment. What happened in those seven months? The Create Your Life Workshop Series led by Maria J. Garcia. This series enabled me to stretch out of my comfort zone and create the life I longed for. The loving leadership that Maria embodied, along with the compassionate support of my trusted fellow participants (The Goddesses!) allowed me to manifest my intention...to live a conscious, grounded and balanced life. For all this, I am so grateful." ~ KT

"The From Dream to Reality Workshop Series opened my eyes. It made me aware that I am a powerful being and a creator. It brought clarity about how my current beliefs cloud my actions and what I can do to change that. I learned that my body is a great source of wisdom. The only thing I have to do is stop and listen. The other participants were/are amazing women. Maria created a safe place for us to share our views, fears, experiences and dreams. We cried, laughed, danced and we grew. Thank you, Maria!" ~ GN

Wisdom of Food

Sacred Centers East Yoga and Meditation Chester Springs PA
"I've known Michele Dirks for more than 25 years. Her knowledge of whole foods cooking, and the energy of food is unsurpassed. She taught me how to cook with whole foods for my family of 3 children from their birth, and has guided me throughout their childhoods. My children are now 20, 16, and 14. They are strong and healthy.
I would advise anyone who has the opportunity to study with Michele to jump at the chance. Taking a class, or even better a series of classes with Michele will surely be life changing." - J K

"Michelle is amazing ! Her ability to combine foods for healing & energy is that of a fine healer. I am feeling & looking better, after her classes & 1 on 1 advise, than I did 25 yrs. ago. I would suggest anyone wanting health improvement to work with her and follow her education." - C R

"Western condition brought me to Eastern medicine. Michelle’s home remedies are a true gift." - K W

"Michelle’s ability to share her home remedies is a gift that needs to be passed on, especially to the next generation. Through all these small experiences my healing process is nothing short of many miracles." - E R