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Transformational Life Coaching for Women

with  Master Coach Maria J. Garcia

We all want to lead healthy, happy and successful lives. None of us wake up thinking "I want to be miserable today" or "today I think I'll procrastinate, have a inner dialogue about what's wrong with my life, over-eat, and then judge myself." Yet, how often do we wind up doing some version of this? Many of us want to make changes and don't know how, and when we make them, they are difficult to sustain.

The Chakra / Energy System is the connecting point between body, mind and spirit. It holds the blueprint of our essential nature: wholeness. It provides a clear, highly organized model for understanding who we are and how we fit into the web of life.

Transformational Life Coaching goes beyond traditional life coaching systems to create lasting changes. It is based on an understanding that our chakra/energy system holds both our true Self, vibrant and untouched, and the blocks and limitations imprinted by life's unresolved challenges. It is our personal map for transformation.

These imprints influence our beliefs and self-image, which in turn determine our well being and what we manifest in the world. Our ability to "create" is an inherent human quality that does not require our conscious participation. When these imprints obscure our true nature, we unconsciously manifest our fears instead of our heartfelt desires. Our ability to "create" the life we want is accessed through our understanding and conscious use of this creative principle.

Transformational Life Coaching is a journey of liberation and empowerment. The journey requires an accurate map and a skilled and compassionate guide. The chakra system is the map. Maria J. Garcia is your guide.

The Chakra System

Every unresolved conflict we carry has a direct impact on the function of one or more chakras creating imbalances that impact our whole energy system. These imbalances show up as "symptoms" in our body, mind and spirit. These symptoms reveal in which chakra(s) our suffering is rooted. By working directly with those chakras we can reestablish balance and eliminate the symptoms.

The Symptoms of Chakra Imbalance.
Chakra I - Heaviness, resistance to change, overeating, obesity, anorexia, fear, workaholism, excessive spending, anxiety, spaciness, difficulty manifesting.

Chakra II - Obessive  attachments, mood swings, excessive sensitivity, emotional numbness, rigidity, poor/excessive boundaries, fear of change, lack of desire.

Chakra III - Controlling/passive, ambitious, hyperactive, stubborn, lacks energy, poor digestion, viagrapill blaming, low self-esteem, weak will, poor discipline.

Chakra IV - Codependency, poor boundaries, jealously, being a pleaser, withdrawn, critical, intolerant, lonely, lack of empathy, fear of intimacy.

Chakra V - talking too much, too loud or inappropriately, can't keep confidences, gossiping, fear of speaking, secretiveness, shyness.

Chakra VI - Obessions, delusions, nightmares, difficulty concentrating/visualizing, insensitivity, skepticism, denial, inability to see alternatives.

Chakra VII - Dissociation from the body, confusion, spiritual fanatic, rigid beliefs, over-intellectualizing, apathy, disconnection from spirit.

The Benefits of Reestablishing Balance In Our Chakra  System.
Chakra I - Groundedness, health, a sense of safety and security, stability, solidity, prosperity, ability to be still and fully present.

Chakra II - Graceful movement, ability to embrace change, enjoy pleasure, nurture self and others, emotional intelligence, healthy boundaries, passion.

Chakra III - Responsible, good self-discipline, positive sense of self, warm, confident, energetic, spontaneous, playful, humorous, able to take risks.

Chakra IV - Caring, compassionate, empathetic, accepting, self-loving, peaceful, centered, content.

Chakra V - Resonant, full voice, good communication with self, clear communication with others, good listener, good sense of timing, living life creatively.

Chakra VI - Strong intuition/insight, creative imagination, good memory and dream recall, ability to visualize, has a guiding vision for life.

Chakra VII - Spiritual connection, wisdom/mastery, intelligence, presence, open-mindedness, ability to question, assimilate and analyze information.

One of the things I immediately appreciated about Maria's coaching was her discernment for "what's so". She was not attached to specific outcomes, but dedicated to understanding what was underneath. I am also impressed with the years and years Maria has spent honing her skills and developing her wisdom. I have great affection and respect for Maria and consider her a national treasure here in my own back yard! MP

Maria, your coaching has been truly inspiring. You are able to make space for me at exactly the place that I am  and allow me to feel that whatever it is that I am experiencing is the most important and holy thing in the universe. To be with you is to feel no difference between the mundane and the Divine. Thank you from my heart. JC

Maria's warm, deep and powerful wisdom have helped establish within me deeper, sturdier roots. These roots have given me the courage to walk down paths I had only dreamt about before. Maria's ability to gently guide individuals and groups to root blockages, pain and neglect is remarkable. Her coaching in the areas of family, relationship, career, community and spirituality have allowed me to approach these areas with much more freedom. My life is much more joyous and balanced and my voice more sure as a result. JM

My time with Maria, a nurturing guide, helped me to gain deep insights and motivated me to clear action. Knowing Maria's support would be there was always a comfort. She has seen my expansion and is a clear part of it. BR

“Maria creates a safe place, like a cradle, where one can look inward with love towards oneself. With an open and loving heart, she guides you with gentleness and patience, to explore your limits and expand your horizons.”

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