Yoga: Beginner & Intermediate

About Yoga

“Yoga begins where we are, regardless of age, physical condition or state of mind. The poses are a map we follow. On the way we discover health, well-being, peace of mind, and boundless enthusiasm for life”.

All our yoga classes offer a safe & balanced practice, rooted in the principles of alignment, breath work, body awareness and integration of body, mind & spirit.

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Yoga Basics/Beginner - Maria Garcia

Beginner/Intermediate Yoga - Maria Garcia

General Class Information

We ask that you make a 6 week commitment to your yoga or meditation practice to have a realistic experience of how these practices can support your life. If upfront payment for 6 weeks is difficult for you, we will gladly accept weekly payments. If you miss a class, you are welcome to make it up at a different class time. If that's not possible, you will be credited towards your next session.

For more information on classes, individual services, workshops, kirtan and professional training please contact us at (610) 933-3435 or


Please wear comfortable exercise clothing which does not restrict movement. Layers are helpful to keep you comfortable as your body warms up. No belts.

Yoga Props

All props are provided. If you own a yoga mat you are welcome to bring it.