Yoga Nidra Gong Bath

Yoga Nidra with follow up Gong Bath or Shamanic Journey,

with Debra Hess

Yoga Nidra / Gong Bath is a powerful Conscious journey into vibration. The very nature of Yoga Nidra is to calm the mind, and create a new set point of intentional attraction. This point of attraction is the Non dual field of awareness that is the Field of Divine Omnipresence.

Healing Goals

This experience of Yoga Nidra will engage your entire being, allowing you to live a life dictated by spirit. Your practice will reach new levels in body, mind and spirit,


A specific breath work will be introduced to center and discipline your presence of mind.

Debra will lead you through a series of ancient mindful techniques that create a disengagement from time space reality and a conscious connection and orientation towards our Anath...Our Eterenal Selves. It is a rare tool in its nature to bring you deep within your self to truly feel your inner place of Non-duality. The zone of the divine Shakti...Shiva / Shakti. You are forever changed from this conscious journey inward.

Dates:  October 5, November 2, December 7

Time: 7:00 pm to 8:15 pm.

Fee: Donation Based suggested $20